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-Hang on, is your name Wesley Snipes?! That’s insane.

-It’s insane that the actor Wesley Snipes has that name. If you saw a picture of him and a picture of me and you were asked who should be named Wesley Snipes, you’d pick the pale Englishman every time. Every time, Liz!

In my youth, the constant viewings of the film 1776 resulted in a crush on Thomas Jefferson.

Not just the character in the film. I had a crush on the historical figure Thomas Jefferson.

What a strange child I was.

(In an odd twist, Thomas Jefferson is now the head of Kabletown.)

Liz Lemon keeps me sane.

Today Melissa posted something on her wedding blog that reminded me that I had a account.

So, it felt weird, but I hesitantly logged in, then basically did a spit take.

I had forgotten that I had, um, “edited” my wedding details so that the groom’s name was now “Astronaut Mike Dexter.”

Now I remember doing this because I really liked the things I had been looking at and wanted to save them, but you are kind of supposed to be an actual bride to have an account with them.


Happy Valentimes!!!

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