Oh hey. I'm Anna, a working girl in Grand Rapids, Michigan, blogging about nostalgia, creativity, and societal woes. My vices include soda, nail-biting, and sarcasm.
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Spring is here!

Crush Winter under your boot heel and then swap your boots for sneakers. Tis the season for 80s anthems, jubilant power pop, and synth beats. These triumphant jams are ready to be blasted out your newly-opened windows. Pump your first, and dance upon the grave of Winter. Victory is ours! *freeze frame* 

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Monday Morning Pump Up Jam:

Electric Youth - Right Back to You

Was looking for this song on youtube and found that someone had set it to footage of Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Hamilton from Black Moon Rising.

You’re welcome. 

My dad narrating my sister’s 8th birthday party. We lived on a camp in North Carolina, so that explains the accents and horses.

Disclaimer: Dad jokes abound.


Found it! My big sibs Zack, Meg, and Sam, dancing to good ol’ Kenny Loggins. It’s mostly a lot of rolling around on the ground. They keep staring at the television because the can see themselves on it.

Sadly, I do not make an appearance… this is a few years before my time.

But it’s some fun 80s videotape nostalgia.

Hot cocoa. blanket + pillow. Parents’ couch. Ladyhawke on VHS. Perfect.

Seriously. Listen to that score. So much synth.

Also Matthew Broderick attempting a British accent.