26 BEFORE 27
I did it! I made it to 26! For my golden birthday Craig commissioned this glorious Goldblum cake… (read more)

26 BEFORE 27

I did it! I made it to 26! For my golden birthday Craig commissioned this glorious Goldblum cake… (read more)


25 before 26

I’ve seen this practice floating around the interwebs for a while. Most recently, Elizabeth’s 25 before 26 recap and new 26 before 27 popped up on my feed, and sparked some inspiration.

I know the arguments for and against posting goals publicly, but I’ve really enjoyed and been inspired by the blogs I’ve seen do this, so I’d like to pass mine on as well.

If you know me at all, you’ve probably seen my lists. I’ve got paper lists, digital lists, short term, long term, etc. They’re not perfect, and I’ve rarely held a completed list in my hands. But I love them so. 

This type of list intrigued me. It feels like a very positive collection of goals, experiences, and practices. And it’s got a deadline. 01.26.2014

And guess what? I’m probably not going to do all of them. If I do, hey, that’ll be crackerjack, but I probably won’t. I’ll miss some, I’ll partially complete others, and some I’ll knock out of the park. (what is up with my idioms today? Do they feel wacky to anyone else?)

image image image

So I ask for the blessings of the saints upon my humble 25 before 26.

1. Practice yoga once a week
I’ve been doing this for a couple months already, but it’s an amazing practice I don’t want to lose track of.

2. Create four pieces of non-digital visual art

3. Have an LP listening gathering

4. Write to my government representatives

5. Make dinner for a group of friends

6. Watch 50 films
I mean film-films. Not movies. I watch a lot of movies and not enough films. You get me? Those dramas, foreign, and art-films that you know are good but just sit in your netflix queue.

7. Update apartment decor
Already have some plans started for this. Wall art, rugs, etc.

8. Write five poems 

9. Read all the comics I own before buying more
I have a problem. I own probably 30 comics and 5 or 6 graphic novels that I have yet to read.

10. Collaborate on a creative endeavor 

11. Sing more duets at karaoke.
Most of us go solo week to week, but every once in a while we’ll do a duet and it’s super great. More of that.

12. Write women & media manifesto
Have had some thoughts and research swirling around in my mind for over a year now. Gotta get it down. 

13. Add to DSLR kit
Lenses, audio, flash, cam support, some or all of the above.

14. Try three new recipes
I know this sounds tiny for a year, but I always make things I already know and love. Keyword here is NEW.

15. Pay off 30% of student loans
Already in my budget/plan, but looking forward to crossing this one off.

16. Digitize my 16mm film
I shot a roll of 16mm film of my grandmother for a class five years ago. I still haven’t gotten it digitized. 

17. Go skinny dipping
Have never actually done this.

18. Decorate office space

19. Create three expression videos
I make a lot of scrapbook/recap type videos, which I love. But I also love making more expression-based videos like this or this

20. Build a fort
Yeah, like with blankets. 

21. Travel outside of the midwest

22. Blog once a week

23. Take the bus/walk more
I know this isn’t very measurable, but I know I’d fail at a measurable goal. So I’m just counting it as a habit I’d like to increase. I’ve been doing decently well considering it’s winter.

24. Re-sew my comforter
It got ruined at the laundry-mat last week. It’s one of my favorite things I own. I will salvage it. 

25. Shoot two rolls of 35mm film

That’s it! You ready? I am. As a wise woman once said…


(“Our Ladies” art by Heymonster at Society6. Go buy them all.)


Happy Birthday, Sister!

It’s my big sister, Meg’s birthday today!

(the original pong!)

I can’t even really explain how much impact my sister has had on my life. We’re 11 years apart, but like most siblings, the distance lessens with age.

When I was little, I remember playing “hairdresser” with her. We lived in North Carolina, and she’d put on a super thick southern accent and braid my hair.

I’m sure I was super annoying. She was my only sister and I wanted to be just like her. I’d raid her stuff and barge into her room all the time. I can’t imagine being a 17 year old girl and having your six year old sister begging for all of your time.

(I love this photo minus my crazy braces teeth!)

She and my mom receive the blunt of my emotional breakdowns via phone. She’s given me so much life advice over the years. I can’t even express my gratitude.

Love you, sissy!!!


My dad narrating my sister’s 8th birthday party. We lived on a camp in North Carolina, so that explains the accents and horses.

Disclaimer: Dad jokes abound.


In 1984, my brother Zack, an aspiring auteur, tried his hand at video. 

I thought it’d be fitting for Sam’s birthday to highlight this nice little profile Zack did.

(I did make two edits. The video game went on for an agonizing amount of time, so I clipped that. There was a nice bit of Zack narrating while Sam played with his He-Man action figures, but it was too dark to see anything, so I cut that too.)

Happy Birthday Sammo!

oh my heavens.
His first birthday was last week. I got him some cool swag. I told my sister she would have to take him down to Williamsburg when he wears the clothes I got him.
and I will finally get to see them again in a little over a month!

oh my heavens.

His first birthday was last week. I got him some cool swag. I told my sister she would have to take him down to Williamsburg when he wears the clothes I got him.

and I will finally get to see them again in a little over a month!


Happy Birfday, Big Bruvver Zacky!

Hope you feel as happy today as you did when this photo was taken. Go ride your Beemer or something.



I once asked my mom what her favorite color was.

She picked green because she said no one ever picked green and she felt sorry for it.

That’s pretty much my mom in a nutshell.

Things I got from my mom:
my middle name
my love of dogs
my love of reading
a great deal of my silliness
my random bursts of dancing (she still does this all the time. it’s hilarious)
my empathy for the underdog
my constant search for truth and knowledge.

I call her all the time. The poor woman. It’s like Russian Roulette answering my call. There’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll be crying. I’m a verbal processor and she is my go-to venting recipient. I can’t even express how much she has helped me over the years. Her patience and love are overwhelming.

Love you, silly momma. Happy Birthday/Mothers Day!


James Taylor - Like Everyone She Knows

Today was my father’s birthday. There’s so much more to say than what’s written here, but this’ll have to do.

My father has always been an image of warmth, humor, and strength in my life.

He’s worked with his hands most of his life.

Working the earth as a landscaper.
Playing his guitar.
Working as an EMT and volunteer firefighter.
Chopping wood.
Driving his truck.
Fixing things around the house.

When I was little I used to grab his giant, calloused hands and do flips by running up his legs and flipping over.

He sent me this song at a really difficult point in my life. At a point where I felt very hopeless and unsure of my own worth.

I’ve seen my father cry only a few times. Almost every time I feel had a connection to the hearts of his daughters.

Once when I was little, I brought a book home from the library, about a little girl who danced ballet for her father from childhood to adulthood, when she danced for him at his deathbed. (Which is a pretty heavy children’s book now that I think about it.) He cried reading that.

Once while watching the Les Miserables concert, during Fantine’s song, I Dreamed a Dream. I asked him why he was crying, and he said it was because of her heartbreak, and how it happens to so many people.

And still I dream he’ll come to me
That we will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

And once, though I wasn’t present to see it, he was trying to explain to my mother the email that he sent me, the one that included the song above, and he couldn’t finish the explanation.

"Hold tight to your heart’s desire, never ever let it go."

The song still reduces me to tears. Partially because I still find myself within that struggle, but also because it’s one of the purest expressions of love I’ve ever received from my father.

Happy Birthday, Dadda.