Well, guess this is happening.

Well, guess this is happening.


New Digs: Part 5 (Last One!)

Items of Note:

This is our cozy space! The place for reading, crafting, record playing, etc. Hoping it doesn’t get too warm and cozy come summer-time, but we’ll see.

The rug belonged to my grandpa. I think it really helps make the space feel comfy. If it was just hard, painted wood throughout, it would be less appealing.

We tried getting each of our three couches up the curvy stairs, but none of them would fit. (and by we, I mean Derik and Kevin when they helped me move.) I found the floral loveseat on craigslist and bought it from a super nice lady in a super nice house for super cheap. Plus, it’s actually two pieces, so it fit up the stairs. Hooray!

Finally pared my book collection down to one bookshelf, with a bit of space to spare. Pretty proud of that.

The clock was my grandpa’s desk clock.

My picnic basket is getting pretty full of LPs. Going to have to find more storage soon.

This space also leads out onto our roof, which has a fantastic view of downtown.

There you have it. That’s our new living space. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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