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FRIDAY DIGS (later) 

This week I started an Art Journal. I purchased an ecourse from A Beautiful Mess, picked up some supplies, and dove in. I’ve only done an intro page so far, but I’m digging the process. I feel like it’s waking up pieces of my brain that go unused after weeks on a computer… (read more)


I’m in that rut. That seasonal, creative rut where I know Spring is coming. I’ve seen glimpses, felt a taste of sun, but the forecast is still bleak and cold. I want the grey, creative Winter to be over…(read more)

I’ve seen this practice floating around the interwebs for a while. Most recently, Elizabeth’s 25 before 26 recap and new 26 before 27 popped up on my feed, and sparked some inspiration.

I know the arguments for and against posting goals publicly, but I’ve really enjoyed and been inspired by the blogs I’ve seen do this, so I’d like to pass mine on as well.

If you know me at all, you’ve probably seen my lists. I’ve got paper lists, digital lists, short term, long term, etc. They’re not perfect, and I’ve rarely held a completed list in my hands. But I love them so. 

This type of list intrigued me. It feels like a very positive collection of goals, experiences, and practices. And it’s got a deadline. 01.26.2014

And guess what? I’m probably not going to do all of them. If I do, hey, that’ll be crackerjack, but I probably won’t. I’ll miss some, I’ll partially complete others, and some I’ll knock out of the park. (what is up with my idioms today? Do they feel wacky to anyone else?)

image image image

So I ask for the blessings of the saints upon my humble 25 before 26.

1. Practice yoga once a week
I’ve been doing this for a couple months already, but it’s an amazing practice I don’t want to lose track of.

2. Create four pieces of non-digital visual art

3. Have an LP listening gathering

4. Write to my government representatives

5. Make dinner for a group of friends

6. Watch 50 films
I mean film-films. Not movies. I watch a lot of movies and not enough films. You get me? Those dramas, foreign, and art-films that you know are good but just sit in your netflix queue.

7. Update apartment decor
Already have some plans started for this. Wall art, rugs, etc.

8. Write five poems 

9. Read all the comics I own before buying more
I have a problem. I own probably 30 comics and 5 or 6 graphic novels that I have yet to read.

10. Collaborate on a creative endeavor 

11. Sing more duets at karaoke.
Most of us go solo week to week, but every once in a while we’ll do a duet and it’s super great. More of that.

12. Write women & media manifesto
Have had some thoughts and research swirling around in my mind for over a year now. Gotta get it down. 

13. Add to DSLR kit
Lenses, audio, flash, cam support, some or all of the above.

14. Try three new recipes
I know this sounds tiny for a year, but I always make things I already know and love. Keyword here is NEW.

15. Pay off 30% of student loans
Already in my budget/plan, but looking forward to crossing this one off.

16. Digitize my 16mm film
I shot a roll of 16mm film of my grandmother for a class five years ago. I still haven’t gotten it digitized. 

17. Go skinny dipping
Have never actually done this.

18. Decorate office space

19. Create three expression videos
I make a lot of scrapbook/recap type videos, which I love. But I also love making more expression-based videos like this or this

20. Build a fort
Yeah, like with blankets. 

21. Travel outside of the midwest

22. Blog once a week

23. Take the bus/walk more
I know this isn’t very measurable, but I know I’d fail at a measurable goal. So I’m just counting it as a habit I’d like to increase. I’ve been doing decently well considering it’s winter.

24. Re-sew my comforter
It got ruined at the laundry-mat last week. It’s one of my favorite things I own. I will salvage it. 

25. Shoot two rolls of 35mm film

That’s it! You ready? I am. As a wise woman once said…


(“Our Ladies” art by Heymonster at Society6. Go buy them all.)

The 2012 Oscar Nominees were announced this morning!

You know what that means, it’s time to come up with pun-filled dishes for the Oscar party! AKA Oscar Noms. (Thank you, David LeGault or Jack Terpstra. I can’t remember who made that pun last year.)

Here’s a few that have come from years past:

(Blue Valentines)

(Firthday Cake for Colin Firth’s Best Actor nom. When he won, we lit the candles and all sang Happy Firthday)

(Left: Ruby Red Squirt Locker. Right: Up-Cakes)

Here’s The List of Nominees for this year. Shoot me your ideas! Whatcha got?

I picked up my folks’ old Pentax K1000 from their house this month. I think today is perfect for a photo walk, a cozy sweater, and some hot tea. Thanks for the idea, Paul.

I picked up my folks’ old Pentax K1000 from their house this month. I think today is perfect for a photo walk, a cozy sweater, and some hot tea. Thanks for the idea, Paul.

(via thebearded)

Christmas Highlights 2011.

last night before writing portfolio is due.
let’s do this.


last night before writing portfolio is due.

let’s do this.

did lots and lots of dishes.
listened to my Christmas Kitchen playlist.
took a few photos of Christmassy things.

(all of our films that have anything remotely to do with the holidays)

made two batches of fudge.

made one batch of caramels.

made one batch of Christmas cookie dough.
bought some festive-smelling candles and new cookie sheets.
ran into Joel at Panera. Talked about goose clothes.
cut out and baked the cookies.

cut the caramels.

wrapped each one in an individual piece of waxed paper. oof.

cleaned my room and put away laundry.

whoa, Sunday, whoa.


Here we go.

Batman folder full of drafts. Red and black pens. Giant glass of Mountain Dew. Chicken pizza. and two poems, one essay, and five revisions to go.

Let’s write!

You owe reality nothing and the truth about your feelings everything.

Richard Hugo.

One of my favorite quotes on writing, specifically poetry. It comes from an essay called Writing Off the Subject. The thing is chock full of great advice for writing and poetry newbs (like myself). I highly recommend clicking that link.