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Working on: everything!

Last weekend, my job had me on the east side of the state for a few days for the Pure Michigan 400 Nascar race. It was… an eye-opening experience. (I have extensive insights that I will share with you if you so desire.)

In addition, some friends of mine are shooting a feature-length film in town and asked me to shoot behind the scenes video. It’s been a blast. I’ve missed being on film sets.

I’m getting dangerously close to burnout, though. Between my job and BTS shooting, I’ve worked about 70 hours in the past week. Woof.


After five years of commuting over an hour to a job that was really not the greatest, my dad got a job that is right in Kalamazoo and just plain perfect for him. Hallelujah.

My sister had another baby! Little Esme Jane. I just call her Ezzie J. That’s what cool aunts do, right? 


Going to see said sister and her family in New York City! I bought tickets yesterday to fly out in October. My brother-in-law also suggested that we go to NY Comic Con while I’m there, which I am ridiculously excited about. It’ll be my first. Plus, Central Park in the Fall, duh.

Also, in two weeks, I’ll be getting my first tattoo. I already met with the artist and put a deposit down. Life changes, I tell ya. 


Three words: Friday. Night. Lights.

Tim Riggins! Matt Saracen! Landry Clark! Oh my goodness, I have fallen in love with these characters and all the rest. I’m almost finished with season three. 

Listening to:

The Chromatics

Perfect for both getting work done and driving which is most of what I’ve been doing lately. Focused. Intense. Also a little nostalgic. <3


My dad narrating my sister’s 8th birthday party. We lived on a camp in North Carolina, so that explains the accents and horses.

Disclaimer: Dad jokes abound.


James Taylor - Like Everyone She Knows

Today was my father’s birthday. There’s so much more to say than what’s written here, but this’ll have to do.

My father has always been an image of warmth, humor, and strength in my life.

He’s worked with his hands most of his life.

Working the earth as a landscaper.
Playing his guitar.
Working as an EMT and volunteer firefighter.
Chopping wood.
Driving his truck.
Fixing things around the house.

When I was little I used to grab his giant, calloused hands and do flips by running up his legs and flipping over.

He sent me this song at a really difficult point in my life. At a point where I felt very hopeless and unsure of my own worth.

I’ve seen my father cry only a few times. Almost every time I feel had a connection to the hearts of his daughters.

Once when I was little, I brought a book home from the library, about a little girl who danced ballet for her father from childhood to adulthood, when she danced for him at his deathbed. (Which is a pretty heavy children’s book now that I think about it.) He cried reading that.

Once while watching the Les Miserables concert, during Fantine’s song, I Dreamed a Dream. I asked him why he was crying, and he said it was because of her heartbreak, and how it happens to so many people.

And still I dream he’ll come to me
That we will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

And once, though I wasn’t present to see it, he was trying to explain to my mother the email that he sent me, the one that included the song above, and he couldn’t finish the explanation.

"Hold tight to your heart’s desire, never ever let it go."

The song still reduces me to tears. Partially because I still find myself within that struggle, but also because it’s one of the purest expressions of love I’ve ever received from my father.

Happy Birthday, Dadda.

pic pick submission of the day.
my pops. lookin like a stud in front of a cabin in Colorado. 1973 I believe.

pic pick submission of the day.

my pops. lookin like a stud in front of a cabin in Colorado. 1973 I believe.