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Well, the first day of fall is quickly approaching. Since I was somewhat MIA from blogging this summer, I never got around to posting the “Summery Summary” as Jon coined it. So before we descend into sweaters and scarves, here’s one last look back on the warmer (scorching) days of 2012. 

[porch sitting]

[accidental quadruple exposure at an arts festival]

[Friends outside the ice cream shop]

[Dan lying in the street]

[Fotini lighting off a firecracker]

It’s been a lovely summer. Pure Michigan.

Summer Pre-Game 2011

First few weeks with my digital SLR. Shot all this with default exposure at 30fps. Hoping to do more playing/artsy stuff soon.


sloppy joes
Teen Jeopardy
lots and lots of laughing.

The One Where Joey Speaks French.

I couldn’t find any videos that enabled embedding, so go watch it.


oh, ya know, just some friends makin’ movies.

On a related note, Saturday night was such a blessed night.

Each time people we knew walked in the door, there was an explosion of greeting and appreciation, followed by hugs all around.

I saw so many people who I have missed, and we all geeked out with film talk most of the time.

and then, we went to the beach.

at 3:30 in the morning.

The moon was SO ridiculously bright. There were many film nerd jokes about it being about a 30K and how it looked like we were shooting day-for-night.

then we swam. It was so cold, but refreshing to the bones. You could see right through the water by the moon.

and there were a couple moments when all 15 or so of us would pause, and just float quietly under the bright moon and stars.

Until Craig yelled, “uh.. I found some boxers! and they’re not mine!”

this just makes me really happy.