As promised, Meg’s video profile done by our nine year old brother.

This one goes more in-depth about our family’s love of cheese, and includes a bit more philosophizing on Zack’s part.


In 1984, my brother Zack, an aspiring auteur, tried his hand at video. 

I thought it’d be fitting for Sam’s birthday to highlight this nice little profile Zack did.

(I did make two edits. The video game went on for an agonizing amount of time, so I clipped that. There was a nice bit of Zack narrating while Sam played with his He-Man action figures, but it was too dark to see anything, so I cut that too.)

Happy Birthday Sammo!



Found it! My big sibs Zack, Meg, and Sam, dancing to good ol’ Kenny Loggins. It’s mostly a lot of rolling around on the ground. They keep staring at the television because the can see themselves on it.

Sadly, I do not make an appearance… this is a few years before my time.

But it’s some fun 80s videotape nostalgia.