Oh hey. I'm Anna, a working girl in Grand Rapids, Michigan, blogging about nostalgia, creativity, and societal woes. My vices include soda, nail-biting, and sarcasm.
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Sometimes I make things while listening to sappy music. Last week, I made strawberry jam. Thought it might make a nice, summery vidblog.

Bonus points if you spot the continuity error.

GPOYW - Strawberry Edition

I made jam!

and it’s very summery-tasting.

Been messing around with different hair styles recently. If there was one look I wish I could pull off, it would be straight-up rockabilly, but I just can’t. So for now I will just try to take some of the vintagey things I like. I was going for this, but please someone tell me if I ever start leaning toward this.

I’m sleeping on my folks’ pull out couch again. Watching a really old John Denver concert on PBS. It’s strange that with the window open I can hear the cross-walk signals from Oakland and Parkview from here.

who’s ready to mash some berries?

I know I am.

Jam session with the moms tomorrow. and by “the moms” I just mean my mom. It’s not plural.