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Sometimes I make things while listening to sappy music. Last week, I made strawberry jam. Thought it might make a nice, summery vidblog.

Bonus points if you spot the continuity error.

Items of Note:

More natural light! It’s nice and bright ALL day long.

Vintage metal “Meteor Coffee” sign.

Black and gold State of Michigan tray.

Gnomey salt n pepper shakers.

Red non-vintage clock. (It’s from Target. shhh!)

Rainbow measuring utensils from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Old-school trivets for spoons n stuff.

The only problem we’ve encountered is that there is no ventilation. Almost every time we cook, we set off the fire alarm mounted 10ft up in the hallway and the whole house smells like bacon!

But I do really like our kitchen. I just haven’t had a whole lot of time to spend in here. I need to get some real ingredients soon and cook some stuff up.

Up next: Part 5: Attic

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I feel really comforted in my parents’ kitchen tonight.

Open window - sunflowers - chamomile/mint tea - summer peach - Denison Witmer and Chet Baker - odd, but familiar bird calls on the hour - wooden table and chairs

I like my family a lot. I like the way we do things and handle difficult situations.