New Digs: Part 2




Items of Note:

The size: uh, it’s huge. It feels spacious with three couches in there.

Natural light! There’s so much of it!

Painting on the wall: I forgot to get a close up, but it’s an old-timey man riding a bicycle. Abby said it’s been in her parents’ house since she can remember. Moustache, ho!

Invisible Double Shelf: Abby got this fun thing from Urban Outfitters. Sadly, I hung it a little high, especially for a room in which you usually sit, but oh well. (I’m almost 6ft tall, gimme a break, sometimes I misjudge.)

Book Clock: A gift from my friend Tyler. He made it himself!

Mantle Pieces: Abby’s mini terrarium, vintage clock, and owl bank. Abby collects owly things, which I think is pretty fun. As long as she doesn’t mind me quoting Twin Peaks all the time.

More lilacs!

and Batman: ‘nuff said.

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