Another Weekend Roundup

ValenTIGERS day!
Roadtrippin to Detroit with Annie.
"No man I would be interested in would ever entertain suitors."
"Oh, indubitably."
Annie turning up the volume so she could hear Dr. Phil on the TV in the Rock and Roll themed Burger King.
The boys were on the big screen!

Tasty treats and such.

Early (for me) morning walk to the farmer’s market.
Big, gorgeous bunch of peonies.
Tasty first donut ever from Vans Bakery.
Talking to customers for four hours straight about a product I saw for the first time that day.
Being greeted as, “Anna Justasfun!” by Aaron when I arrived at Barnes and Noble.
Grilling burgers, asparagus, and corn on the cob.
Josh strengthening his head butts:

Great set by The Little Village at Mulligans.
Batman (1989) vs Superman (1978)
"Wait, Kurt Vonnegut is dead? Then who the hell am I following on Twitter?!"
First ever viewing of PeeWee’s Big Adventure at 3am.

Absolutely nothing.
Oh, except Con Air on TV. Even more ridiculous than watching it on DVD.