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This weekend Craig and I escaped to New York City. One of his films premiered at the Columbia Film Festival on Friday. We’ve got friends aplenty in town, so we bounced around from Queens to Brooklyn and all over Manhattan.

Lately I’ve been on the lookout for an alternative to my DSLR. It’s such a pain to lug around when I just want good-looking, candid photos…(read more)


I’m in that rut. That seasonal, creative rut where I know Spring is coming. I’ve seen glimpses, felt a taste of sun, but the forecast is still bleak and cold. I want the grey, creative Winter to be over…(read more)

Well, the first day of fall is quickly approaching. Since I was somewhat MIA from blogging this summer, I never got around to posting the “Summery Summary” as Jon coined it. So before we descend into sweaters and scarves, here’s one last look back on the warmer (scorching) days of 2012. 

[porch sitting]

[accidental quadruple exposure at an arts festival]

[Friends outside the ice cream shop]

[Dan lying in the street]

[Fotini lighting off a firecracker]

It’s been a lovely summer. Pure Michigan.

Sometimes I make things while listening to sappy music. Last week, I made strawberry jam. Thought it might make a nice, summery vidblog.

Bonus points if you spot the continuity error.

Another batch of the 35mm photos from my Pentax. Shake off your jackets and enjoy the warmth.

[Top to Bottom: Purple Flowers, Kodak 200 // Pippin, Kodak 200 // Summer Shoes, Kodak 200 // Nate and Abby on the Roof, Fuji 400 // Twist with Sprinkles, Fuji 400]

I recently borrowed stole my folks’ old Pentax K1000 35mm camera. I’ve snapped three rolls of film so far this year, two Fuji 400 and one Kodak 200.

I know it’s sort of becoming a cliché, but there really is something wonderful about shooting film. Not knowing exactly what you just shot, having to wait for the development (a whole hour, heaven forbid), seeing the photos first as prints in your hands.

Analog, man. The imperfection is key.

So I thought I’d spend a few posts sharing my exploits. First up: portraits.

[Top to bottom: Derik at Yesterdog, Fuji 400 // Sara, Fuji 400 // Kevin, Fuji 400 // Annie at One Stop Coney, Kodak 200 // Craig playing with fire, Fuji 400 // Batman cuddles, Fuji 400]

My brother Sam’s 31st birthday party was a downright classy affair. Here are some snapshots.

(I should probably note that Sam and I share our excellent posture.)

Happy Birthday!

Bat(man) on Fire by Mina Mikhael