Happy Birthday, Sister!

It’s my big sister, Meg’s birthday today!

(the original pong!)

I can’t even really explain how much impact my sister has had on my life. We’re 11 years apart, but like most siblings, the distance lessens with age.

When I was little, I remember playing “hairdresser” with her. We lived in North Carolina, and she’d put on a super thick southern accent and braid my hair.

I’m sure I was super annoying. She was my only sister and I wanted to be just like her. I’d raid her stuff and barge into her room all the time. I can’t imagine being a 17 year old girl and having your six year old sister begging for all of your time.

(I love this photo minus my crazy braces teeth!)

She and my mom receive the blunt of my emotional breakdowns via phone. She’s given me so much life advice over the years. I can’t even express my gratitude.

Love you, sissy!!!