New Digs: Part 1

It took about a month, but Abby and I have finally settled into our new place. It’s about four blocks from my work, right on the edge of downtown Grand Rapids, and still within walking/biking distance of my favorite Eastown spots. 

There are a few projects we still want to do around the apartment, but last weekend I finally decided it was just time to take some photos. It was a lovely sunny day, I had just finished a cleaning marathon, and the lilac bush outside our house was blooming!

So in part one, I’ll show you around my bedroom.




Items of note:

Bedspread: My mom just bought a new sewing machine and has been looking for projects. She made me this blanket from a floral sheet I bought on Etsy and a super-soft pink sheet from my sister-in-law.

White Shelves: A silhouette made of me when I was three years old, and freshly cut lilacs.

My new bike! I had a really old bike of my dad’s that was just too heavy to lug up and down the stairs. Found this little salmon-colored number on Craigslist. It’s called a Sundance Sparkler and was part of a promotion by Hi-C in the 80s.

Organizing cubes! I find it much easier to utilize all of my clothes when I can see them.

Floral box: A wooden box that belonged to my grandmother.

My budgeting jars: Managing my money is much easier for me when I have visuals. So I keep my cash in jars with a corresponding photo on each jar.

Sam Elliott: Do I really need to explain this? I don’t think so.

Floral bowl: Found this matchy-matchy metal bowl at an antique store a couple weeks ago. Now it holds my laundry quarters.

Part 2: Living Room

Part 3: Dining Room

Part 4: Kitchen

Part 5: Attic


How I’m spending my Friday evening:

Pull out couch
Dad’s sweater
Easter candy
Pupdawg (she’s hiding right now. couldn’t get a photo.)
and most importantly, Mask