Oh hey. I'm Anna, a working girl in Grand Rapids, Michigan, blogging about nostalgia, creativity, and societal woes. My vices include soda, nail-biting, and sarcasm.
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Spring is here!

Crush Winter under your boot heel and then swap your boots for sneakers. Tis the season for 80s anthems, jubilant power pop, and synth beats. These triumphant jams are ready to be blasted out your newly-opened windows. Pump your first, and dance upon the grave of Winter. Victory is ours! *freeze frame* 

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I’m in that rut. That seasonal, creative rut where I know Spring is coming. I’ve seen glimpses, felt a taste of sun, but the forecast is still bleak and cold. I want the grey, creative Winter to be over…(read more)

Another batch of the 35mm photos from my Pentax. Shake off your jackets and enjoy the warmth.

[Top to Bottom: Purple Flowers, Kodak 200 // Pippin, Kodak 200 // Summer Shoes, Kodak 200 // Nate and Abby on the Roof, Fuji 400 // Twist with Sprinkles, Fuji 400]

I moved! Found a great apartment close to downtown Grand Rapids, and only four (very walkable) blocks from work. We’ve been steadily unpacking, organizing, and decorating. Hopefully I’ll have some photos up soon.

One of my non-fiction essays was selected for publication in Grand Valley’s journal of art and writing! It’s a humorous look back at my entire romantic history from 1995 through September 2012. Lots of sarcasm is involved.

I have been anti-depressant free for over a month! It took over two years to wean myself off of them. I had multiple doctors tell me I could just start taking one every other day and be fine and off of them quickly. This was not so.

After experiencing some nasty side-effects (brain-zaps, dizziness, etc.) for an extended period of time, and poring over the interwebs, I started a very long process of slowly cutting my dose down. There were times when I would try to rush the process again and the side effects would come back. I started at 20mg per day and last month I was down to one fourth of a 10mg pill every four days.

I still get a little dizzy from time to time, but I’m oh so happy to be done with them.

The weather, you guys! 70 degrees tomorrow!

and lastly, I found a craigslist missed connection that might be about me. Like 60% chance. That’s just fun to think about, right?

Summer Pre-Game 2011

First few weeks with my digital SLR. Shot all this with default exposure at 30fps. Hoping to do more playing/artsy stuff soon.


  • Ride my bike
  • Go rock climbing
  • Go for a walk in a cemetery
  • Skip
  • Play all sorts of sports I am awful at (basketball, tennis, frisbee)
  • Eat fruit that tastes like sunshine
  • Drive a long distance with the windows down and the music up.
  • smile.