Sunshine and the things that come along with it.

Another batch of the 35mm photos from my Pentax. Shake off your jackets and enjoy the warmth.

[Top to Bottom: Purple Flowers, Kodak 200 // Pippin, Kodak 200 // Summer Shoes, Kodak 200 // Nate and Abby on the Roof, Fuji 400 // Twist with Sprinkles, Fuji 400]


Porch Sitting

Happy Sunday! This is what we did today.

(Source: vimeo.com)


want want want.

I’m in a funk.

but not just a monday funk.

I actually feel ok that it’s monday.

but funky, nonetheless.

I want it to be warm. I want straight up warmth and sunshine and no jackets.

I want to slackline, kayak, rock climb, none of which I have the resources to do.

I love Michigan, but I want to be two other places right now.

I want to be in Kentucky, Tennessee, or North Carolina. Drinking sweet tea and Ale 8. Hiking through the mountains, stopping for dips in creeks and waterfalls.

I want to be in Boston or New York City. Riding the subways. Reading in Commons or Central Park. Visiting the centuries-old buildings and cemeteries.

I want to get rid of this stale feeling. This worn out, can’t do anything right, frustration.

I think sunshine would help immensely.



Lunch at Grand Coney with my Poppa. Topics of conversation: Motown, Clapton, Beatles, Family, Church, Community.

Dropping my car off to get it fixed with money I saved up over the course of a few months. I have never, ever been a saver. This is a small accomplishment.

Being sans car, walking all over the East Side in the sunshine. Slightly less cool, but a little funny: being passed on the sidewalk by a guy who looks like a balding Art Garfunkel, “Hey, would you want to go out sometime?” Sorry, dude. Not today.

Drinking a Dirty Harry at Sparrow’s. Reading Neruda and Bukowski.

I love this city.

What next?


Things that this weather makes me want to do:

  • Ride my bike
  • Go rock climbing
  • Go for a walk in a cemetery
  • Skip
  • Play all sorts of sports I am awful at (basketball, tennis, frisbee)
  • Eat fruit that tastes like sunshine
  • Drive a long distance with the windows down and the music up.
  • smile.