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Today was one of those days where I remembered that the word “adult” doesn’t mean a thing. None of us know what the heck we’re doing.

Here’s what my day looked like: After a late night at the office, finalizing the assets for a client’s national sales meeting, I delivered the assets via hard drive to the project manager at the airport this morning. After which I drove from the airport to the office, stopping for coffee and a donut.

Seriously? What are those words? Who’s bogus screenplay am I in?

Reminds me of this comic from Monica Ekabutr. 

Pretty much.

Stereo - Somewhere in the Night

Another morning jam to get you desk jockeys motivated. 

Not the most autumnal sound, but when you’re stuck in an office, you kind of lose track of the seasons.

Let’s get some work done. 

Working on: everything!

Last weekend, my job had me on the east side of the state for a few days for the Pure Michigan 400 Nascar race. It was… an eye-opening experience. (I have extensive insights that I will share with you if you so desire.)

In addition, some friends of mine are shooting a feature-length film in town and asked me to shoot behind the scenes video. It’s been a blast. I’ve missed being on film sets.

I’m getting dangerously close to burnout, though. Between my job and BTS shooting, I’ve worked about 70 hours in the past week. Woof.


After five years of commuting over an hour to a job that was really not the greatest, my dad got a job that is right in Kalamazoo and just plain perfect for him. Hallelujah.

My sister had another baby! Little Esme Jane. I just call her Ezzie J. That’s what cool aunts do, right? 


Going to see said sister and her family in New York City! I bought tickets yesterday to fly out in October. My brother-in-law also suggested that we go to NY Comic Con while I’m there, which I am ridiculously excited about. It’ll be my first. Plus, Central Park in the Fall, duh.

Also, in two weeks, I’ll be getting my first tattoo. I already met with the artist and put a deposit down. Life changes, I tell ya. 


Three words: Friday. Night. Lights.

Tim Riggins! Matt Saracen! Landry Clark! Oh my goodness, I have fallen in love with these characters and all the rest. I’m almost finished with season three. 

Listening to:

The Chromatics

Perfect for both getting work done and driving which is most of what I’ve been doing lately. Focused. Intense. Also a little nostalgic. <3

Working Girl Playlist

Had a pretty insane work week over here. Lots of technical glitches and bureaucratic red tape. Also maybe some tears. But I emerged triumphant!

So I made a playlist for all you gals (and fellas!) to get you through those grueling workdays. From the moment your alarm goes off, to the glory of walking out the door at five, and all the frustrations in between.

Enjoy! Go forth and kick some ass.

gpoy - actually kind of digging my job today edition.

listening to music and installing the new wireless system. feels like real work. mmhmm

I know this has been making the rounds online, but I finally read it today and wanted it on my own blog.

It’s fantastic. Best advice on art and work since The War of Art, which I would also recommend to everyone.

Valentiger song playing when boss comes in to chat. No need to mute.

Next song to play?


Happy Monday, everyone!

gpoy - goofing off at work edition.

So part of this afternoon was set aside for some of us to learn how to use the more basic medical manikins (yes. that’s how it’s spelled). It was a ridiculous time with lots of genitalia jokes, but I DID learn how to take blood pressure.

And also I was hoisted up in the lift.

Me: Jon, look how long my nails are getting!
Jon: Wow. Good job. How’d you do that?
(Tim walks up)
Me: I got that stuff from that Israeli guy, Leo. The stuff is great!
Tim: uhh…..?

Customer: Where is your health section?
Pam: Oh, that’s right upstairs. I can show you where it is.
Customer: ugh. I don’t want to go up there.